Löwengasse 39, 1030 Vienna | Tel: +43 1 9520079

Mobile: +43 676 844 307 202 | Email: office@spartasafe.com

"For Your Security"

All safes are located in a 60m² large vault in the basement which was built and equipped by the company Wertheim, one of the leading producers of safes in the world. The vault is coated by a 80cm thick concrete shell with an integrated seismic detectors. During the opening times there is an armed security guard for your service. The whole complex is equipped in accordance with the latest security technology to guarantee the safety of your valuables.


To get into the vault, a double-secured electronic security gate has to be crossed first. By entering an identification number and a self-configured PIN code one can pass through the gate and enter the basement. For unlocking the safe one needs a renter's key and a security key, which will be given by our staff. Therefore, your safe box is triple-secured. Discretion and is very important for us. There are three discrete offices in the basement of the building available for you.